Alien Vampires – World In Denial EP


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The evil brothers of ALIEN VAMPIRES seized the opportunity of the COVID-19 pandemic confinement to spend more time recording and experimenting in their home-studio (Bricklane-London UK) than being on the road and playing live shows. Therefore Nysrok Infernalien and Nightstalker take us all by surprise today and deliver to us a new explosive set of two coupled and fully complementary 9-track EP’s respectively titled “World In Denial” and “Destrudo”.

The rebellious hostilities against all forms of hypocrisy start with “World In Denial”, a harsh and powerful EBM track mixing harsh distorted vocals and more melodic future pop-like backings and followed by the noisy hi-energy track “Destrudo” allying destructive sexuality and apocalyptic disruption.

After these 2 dancefloor skuds come 2 more exclusive songs: the tortured and intricate “Darkweb” that violently sucks us into the noir encrypted online world that is not indexed by conventional reality for an ultimate sonic experience; while “AV Forever E9” is a more atmospheric and slow-tempo dark song through which ALIEN VAMPIRES try to put their finger on the sense that real things have in life…

This EP ends with 3 remixes of “World In Denial” and 2 remixes of “Destrudo” by dark elektro partners in crimes from across the globe: CHAMAELEON, VISCERA DRIP, DISTOXIA, REAXION GUERILLA and ADEONESIS.

Embrace ALIEN VAMPIRES’ new disruptive sound from evil.


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