Alien Vampires – Evil twins EP


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While keyboard warriors keep calling for urgent action against the global system establishment, they eventually hypocritically content themselves staying behind their screens doing nothing but using Facebook and Twitter for their virtual and sterile revolution that will just NOT happen whatever their claims may be. As a reaction to this, they will only bring on the Apocalypse!

And that is exactly what our ALIEN VAMPIRES gang do: they fuck the revolution and bring on the apocalypse… Since the release of their last studio album “Drag You To Hell” and their most recent amazing deluxe anthology box “Evil Lasts Forever”, Nysrok Infernalien and Nightstalker have toured a lot but were also working hard in their studio on their forthcoming album “London Paranormal” announced for a Spring 2019 release.

With this “Evil Twins” 8-track EP, ALIEN VAMPIRES offer us a second potential interpretation of their “Fuck The Revolution Bring On The Apocalypse” EP, delivering besides the 3 songs it has in common with the original version of the EP, the exclusive studio version of their new club hit “Fuck Borders” plus 4 additional exclusive club remixes of the more catchy songs from the new EP in collaboration with label mates dancefloor specialists AESTHETISCHE and DIFFUZION, and also with London-based harsh dance act BIOMECHANIMAL and the much promising American outfit of DV8R!

When a sonic revolution comes!!

This EP is also available in its original form under the title “Fuck The Revolution Bring On The Apocalypse” with 5 different songs …


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