Alien Vampires – Witchy Bitchy


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Taken from ALIEN VAMPIRES’ recently released new album “Return Me To Hell”, “Witchy Bitchy” seems to be one of the most played songs by DJ’s in the dark elektro and metal scene.

Harsh, dark, powerful and kinky, this new hot and destructive industrial dancefloor track features nobody else but legendary alternative sexy model and cage dancer Dani Divine on vocals next to the characteristic aggressive and distorted growls ALIEN VAMPIRES is now famous for!

Since 2003, Nysrok Infernalien and Nightstalker have been delivering aggressive and powerful dark EBM music under the ALIEN VAMPIRES moniker, mixing harsh distorted vocals allying destructive sexuality and apocalyptic industrial dance. Through their fruitful career they have always enjoyed collaborating in studio with guest artists. Also coming from London, Dani Devine is a professional model who gained popularity in the alternative modeling scene (fetish, goth, steampunk…) and has won amongst others the Ultra Vixen of the Year award.

This new single features an exclusive upbeat remix of the song by the band’s side-project SPEED INJEKTION. Bandcamp fans will also receive the exclusive uncensored video clip that was made for “Witchy Bitchy” by Asako.

Back to Hell my bittersweet BDSM Demons!