Alien Vampires – Harshlizer 2CD


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The rebellious Italian/British combo ALIEN VAMPIRES – aka Nysrok Infernalien (Voice, Guitars, Keys) and Nightstalker (Drums, Keys, Production) – strikes back with their 4th album entitled “Harshlizer” on their new label Alfa Matrix. The raging revolted cyber punks of ALIEN VAMPIRES live every day like as if it were their last day on Earth.

With more than explicit and perverted lyrics, provocative bloody and sexual images, and extreme live shows, the band never cared about who they might offend! An attitude that definitely carried over into their music, an outrageous blend of harsh elektro, goth metal and obscene industrial dance. This new studio album will once again offer you an exploding palette of sound ranging from the devastating beats of their new club hits “Harshlizer”, “Control The Universe” or yet the hypnotic “She’s In Drugs (more than me)” to the more noisy-guitar dark industrial pieces like “Dearth March” or “Her Blood Into My Veins”!

Our heavily drugged cyberspace vampires also did not hesitate to make a blasphemous cover version of “See You In Hell” by their good old friend from SUICIDE COMMANDO (featuring Johan Van Roy himself on vocals)!! Please hide the kids from your monitors: loud and explicit music is coming your way.

This deluxe carton box edition comes with the exclusive 15-track bonus album featuring 2 exclusive tracks plus the remix work of artists like AMGOD, FREAKANGEL, ACYLUM, DIE SEKTOR, CHAINREACTOR, NEIKKA RPM, PHOSGORE, etc.

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