Aesthetische – Boiling Over EP


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Our two Brazilian electronic producers Fab Viscardi and Gui Pires strike back for another tour de force!

As a follow-up to 2022´s full-length “Rvprty”, AESTHETISCHE is back in 2023 with a brand new 5 track EP with 3 versions of the EBM hit title track – “Boling Over”, including a banging remix by label mate Sebastian Komor and two other versions executed by AESTHETISCHE itself.

The title track is what we can call a back to roots EBM track but with all expected modern elements found in AESTHETISCHE´s productions. To complete the 5 track piece, other two tracks – “Dopamine Hyperdrive” – a dark and moody technological piece and “Final Flow” – an instrumental piece to fill the club floors as well…

Back to the future or back to the roots? You decide! AESTETISCHE have it all!