Acylum – The Enemy (v​.​2​.​0)


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Originally released in October 2009, “The Enemy” was the first studio release of ACYLUM on his then new label Alfa Matrix. The start of a long, faithful and fruitful collaboration between the German artist Pedro Engel and his Belgian home-base. “The Enemy” was also the album that confirmed ACYLUM’s breakout on the top of the dark elektro scene.

Recognized today as an unavoidable reference in the scene for its devastating blend of harsh powerful dark elektro assaults with suffocating oppressive bombastic orchestral arrangements, ACYLUM is also known for its confronting provocations, making no artistic compromise! The use of expressive German samples sometimes lead to misunderstandings and unjustified conclusions. So far that some targeted claims against specific ACYLUM songs lead several digital aggregators to take down the full “The Enemy” album from the market although the band could explicitly prove them that ACYLUM is neither a fascist nor a racist project. Strict censorship was immediately taken without even an understanding of the messages and meanings behind these German words.

In order to keep the uncontested part of this album available to all fans on digital platforms, we decided to digitally re-release a “censored” version 2.0 of “The Enemy” and compensated the few removed songs by adding several bonus tracks and remixes from the same recording period: “Breaking The Chains”, “Without Breath (vs. Wynardtage)”, “Deathwish” plus remixes by Diabolic Art, Vigilante and CeDigest.

Just like our dear friend Rudi Ratzinger who also kept repeating it for his :WUMPSCUT: project, we repeat it once more out loud that ACYLUM is neither a fascist nor a racist project.

The uncensored original version of “The Enemy” is of course still available on the Alfa Matrix official Bandcamp page as well as on CD format.


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