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Belgian electronic act Cubic returns with ‘c64’ EP ahead of new album

Belgian electronic act Cubic returns with ‘c64’ EP ahead of new album

Belgian electronic musician Franky Deblomme is gearing up to launch Cubic’s upcoming studio album. The album will incorporate 808 drums, Kraftwerk-style percussions, and nods to 80’s technology like floppy discs and vintage PCs.

Cubic’s brand new 4-track EP, “c64”, available on Bandcamp, is inspired by the iconic Commodore 64 computer.

This EP is a journey into vintage synthesizer sounds. The lead track “TITT” blends classic electro elements, including 808 drums, dreiklangsdimensionen snare, and analog basslines. “Offline” showcases a distinct kick and a Novation bass station 2 synth. “Art In” features 4/4 kicks and a bassline from the Analogue Solutions ‘Fusebox synth’, with a Moog Sub 37 patch, echoing sounds from artists like The Hacker and Commuter. The concluding track, “B C L”, employs a 90’s bassline from the Modor NF-1, a rare Belgian synthesizer, and mirrors the electro style of Anthony Rother.

Deblomme exclusively used hardware gear for these tracks, emphasizing the tactile experience: “Nothing beats the fun of twiddling knobs”.

The EP is readily accessible on Bandcamp.

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Brand new video from German electropop act Digital Factor out now: ‘Ouvre’

Brand new video from German electropop act Digital Factor: ‘Ouvre’

The German electropop act Digital Factor has just released the videoclip of “Ouvre”, the title track of the project’s brand new EP with the same name, on September 14. The EP is the second single from Digital Factor’s album “G.B.A. General Behavior Abrogate”, which will be released on October 27th.

You can check the video below.

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Hungary’s leading electro industrial act, First Aid 4 Souls, drops all new EP: ‘Laudator Temporis Acti’

Hungary’s leading electro industrial act First Aid 4 Souls launches all new EP, ‘Laudator Temporis Acti’

István Gazdag presents a brand new EP, “Laudator Temporis Acti”, under the First Aid 4 Souls moniker, now available on Bandcamp.

This 7-track collection revisits the band’s electro-goth roots, drawing inspiration from legendary groups like Bauhaus and Tones On Tail. It also integrates modern influences from the post-punk cold wave scene, referencing bands such as Sextile and Paradox Obscure.

For this venture, Gazdag collaborated with a lot of familiar faces. Among them is Vain Sacrosanct from the Belgian cold electro band Causenation, with whom Gazdag co-produced the album “Stainless Steel Eyes”. The EP features notable artists like industrial metal vocalist Linda Daemon, known for her associations with Kr3Ll and Black Mamba, and UK’s noir pop talent, Mark Duffield.