Zombie Girl – Panic Attack EP


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Didn’t she say she would be back? Well, the undisputed singing siren of the living dead, and one of Alfa-Matrix’s leading artists, ZOMBIE GIRL has returned and today has launched her first all new sonic “Panic Attack”… Announcing the aptly titled “Killer Queen” album to be released this September, the new 6-track EP throws the heavy club-hit “Panic Attack” in your face with its somber mood, vibrating bassline, kinky groove and unique haunting female voice. The title song gets morphed into a frontal club hit by famous UK DJ Simon Carter, Aussies label mates AVARICE IN AUDIO reinforce the twisted tortured and intricate side of the song, while the German dark elektro master ACYLUM delivers an uncompromising bombastic harsh and noisy elektro version of “Panic Attack.” The Zombie army will also undoubtedly enjoy discovering the all new B-side song “Dead Inside” remixed by dancefloor killers AESTHETISCHE and rising EBM industrial act CARDINAL NOIRE…

Get ready for the new ZBM! Go Zombie… Go Zombie… Go ZOMBIE GIRL!

This EP is only available as a download (see player below).


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