Venal Flesh – Sacrament To The Scalpel EP


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Alfa Matrix proudly welcomes VENAL FLESH to its label roster: a dark electro project from Washington DC, USA focusing on dark, unsettling atmospheres, heavy crunchy beats, and complex multi-layered melodies. 

The 8-track EP “Sacrament To The Scalpel” perfectly represents the full spectrum of VENAL FLESH’s sound through a mixture of distorted vocals, heavy beats, sorrowful melodies, and haunting sacred atmospheres. This first EP released by Alfa Matrix opens the doorway into the band’s themes and ideology, exploring the juxtaposition of the worship of physical beauty and religious devotion, creating a foundation for future work to build from and expand on. Formed in 2010 by Dan Barrett (aka rhythmic noise act WORMS OF THE EARTH) and DJ/model VanityKills, VENAL FLESH crafts music for people looking for an evolution of the heaviness of classic terror EBM, enhanced with complex structures and deep themes. 

Often described as the mixture of UNTER NULL, SKINNY PUPPY and SUICIDE COMMANDO having a jam session together, the American duo of VENAL FLESH definitely standout from the dark elektro crowd through their unique dense atmospheres and fascinating concept. VENAL FLESH brings substance back to the harsh elektro genre, and brings it all its meaning and excitement…

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