Various Artists – 4​.​4U [2012​.​10] EP


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“4.4U” offers a bundle selection of 4 Alfa Matrix artists each presenting 1 new song. In this new concept, the buyer decides which price he/she wants to pay on top of the discount price for this 4-track compilation available in multiple sound quality formats. This way, the buyer clearly indicates how much he/she wants to support the artists who reveal new songs before the release of their next album.

The October 2012 “4.4U” bundle gathers the following bands:
– New German signing JUNKSISTA offers catchy electro-cunt-rock with sensual half-sung half-spoken female vocals and sexually explicit lyrics, announcing a very strong and eclectic label debut soon.

– Italy’s most alluring duo HELALYN FLOWERS offer here an exclusive preview of their forthcoming 3rd full length album announcing a strong return to the band’s upbeat electronic pop-rock roots.

– From Paris, KRYSTAL SYSTEM are also busy preparing their 3rd studio album “Rage” on which they will once again storm the base with their futuristic indie rock sound.

– Last but not least, the Brussels-based combo LOVELORN DOLLS announce with “After Dark” a very promising debut album that will please all fans of gothic metal rock with female voices…

Enjoy… and rendez-vous soon for our next “4.4U” encounter on Alfa Matrix’s official bandpage..

This EP is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).


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