The Names – Far From The Factories


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Cult Belgian post-punk/new wave band THE NAMES takes everyone by surprise and strikes back with a brand new 2-track single!

Emerged during the late 1970s/early 1980s vibrant post-punk era on the legendary Factory Records label (JOY DIVISION, HAPPY MONDAYS, NEW ORDER, A CERTAIN RATIO…), THE NAMES have continued to perform and release new material since the band reformed in the 2000s, entertaining over the years a cult following among fans of good old cold wave/post punk music thanks to their unique sound and contributions to the genre.

“Far From The Factories” evokes the characteristic sound style of THE NAMES that we all love them for, with that unique blend of moody introspective lyrics and a musical backdrop featuring post punk angular guitar work, new wave pulsating basslines and atmospheric melodic keyboard elements. An intelligent patchwork of memories bringing us from the ecstatic streets of their Manchester cradle to Andy Warhol’s NYC avant-garde pop art central hub through raw dusty halls full of reeking industrial machinery…

To the contrary, “Apophenia” carries us to a totally opposite cloudy sonic landscape haunted by ghostly silhouettes, announcing a quite surprising and eclectic new album later this year! This schizophrenic lovesong indeed emphasizes the more nuanced melodic side of THE NAMES where Michel Sordinia’s unmatchable vocals play a crucial role in conveying the emotional depth of the song complementing the carrying instrumentation to create a distinctive and atmospheric listening experience at the cross-junction of THE STRANGLERS’ “Golden Brown” and ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN’s “Killing Moon”…

An emotionally resonant comeback of THE NAMES wetting our appetite for more and brough to us by their new label partner Spleen+, division of the Alfa Matrix label – home of other Belgian legends like FRONT 242, UNDERVIEWER, THE BREATH OF LIFE, LEDERMAN-DE MEYER, STAR INDUSTRY, THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS and many more.