The Breath Of Life – Echoes Of Time – A 39​-​Year Musical Anthology


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Almost four decades have elapsed since THE BREATH OF LIFE’s inception, and the flame of passion continues to burn bright. Since 1985, the Belgian band delivers a riveting performance, blending captivating melodies, enchanting ethereal voices and a unique sound blend of cold wave, gothic rock and post punk.

The band members are more than musicians; they are alchemists, weaving together diverse influences into a distinctive musical tapestry. Anno 2024, THE BREATH OF LIFE are Isabelle Dekeyser (vocals), Philippe Mauroy (guitar, drums programming), Giovanni Bortolin (violin, keyboards) and Didier Czepczyk (bass). As they embark on their 11th album, THE BREATH OF LIFE stands at the threshold of a new chapter. The fusion of seasoned veterans and fresh perspectives promises a musical journey that transcends time and captivates audiences anew. The band’s resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to their craft affirm their status as pioneers in the Darkwave genre.

In 2023, the band joined forces with the newly minted Spleen+ division of the Belgian Alfa Matrix label. Their inaugural release, the EP “Down We Go” is a testament to the band’s enduring creativity and relevance.

Ahead of the upcoming album drop, join us in an electrifying celebration of artistic evolution! We’re diving deep into THE BREATH OF LIFE’s remarkable 39-year journey, traversing 40 carefully selected songs. This sonic odyssey spans their extensive repertoire, featuring rare gems and unreleased material that unveils the band’s evolution—from the raw energy of early demo tapes to the cutting-edge sound of their most recent digital single and a mind-bending DAVID BOWIE cover (“Ashes To Ashes”) thrown into the mix. Get ready for a musical adventure that transcends time and showcases THE BREATH OF LIFE’s incredible evolution!

Each song reveals THE BREATH OF LIFE’s evolving sound style, carving their unique identity while paying homage to influences like SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES, KILLING JOKE, NEW ORDER, FAD GADGET, ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN, THE CURE, LENE LOVICH, DEPECHE MODE, COCTEAU TWINS, DEAD CAN DANCE, and more.

THE BREATH OF LIFE’s legacy is set to evolve, carrying with it the echoes of a rich history and the promise of an exciting future. The band’s ability to navigate changing landscapes and reinvent themselves ensures that their music will continue to resonate for years to come.

Get ready for an incredible journey with the release of this stellar anthology! Not only does it feature the latest single “Down We Go” with its mind-blowing official video clip, but the Bandcamp version comes packed with a treasure trove – a 40-page booklet. Dive into exclusive band photos and gain insights into THE BREATH OF LIFE’s unique artistic odyssey. It’s not just an anthology; it’s an immersive experience!

Enjoy these echoes of time…

Official video clip for “Down We Go”.