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After catching our interest and wetting our appetite for more with her two previous fascinating and almost stylistically opposite EP’s (“Fairytronics” and “Black List”), we were all wondering what sound direction SIN.SIN would take on her full length album… Well, here it comes! “Nobody’s Heroine” is there and  Kristell L. invites us to discover her very intimate and almost introspective world made of rainbows and bright nights, but also sometimes haunted by darker shadows and supernatural atmospheres. SIN.SIN knows no limits and she simply brings us where her boiling imagination leads her, boosted by the magical power of her emotional and SIN.ful spiritual fantasy.
Known for her work as the lead singer of the goth rock / industrial metal band LOVELORN DOLLS, and although she has already collaborated as guest singer with some electronic musicians in the past (PSY’AVIAH, AIBOFORCEN, JUNKSISTA…), Kristell L., literally opens herself up on this new SIN.SIN project through which she spreads her butterfly wings and reveals a more colorful side of her personality. And her winning teamwork on SIN.SIN with the Italian genius producer Maxx of HELALYN FLOWERS for both mixing and production gives an absolute twist and spiritual dimension to the project.
This multi-talented Belgian female artist leaves her melancholic soul guide her when writing these romantic and carrying pop-wave songs whose atmospheres lead us to states of pure meditation and naïve joy through their minimal catchy melodies and highly emotional female vocals. SIN.SIN stands for ethereal synth-pop and upbeat coldwave music revealing an artist who knows the virtues of moving words, melodic electronics and dreamy atmospheres with a touch of SIN.ful darkness. And the eclectic diversity of her influences brilliantly shines through her minimal electronic compositions evoking artists like GEIKE, HOOVERPHONIC, LYKKE LI, GARBAGE, BJORK, BAT FOR LASHES, MARSHEAUX, etc. 
We will also notice her collaboration with another Belgian cult act THE BREATH OF LIFE who made such a surprising folk remake of “Moving Sands” as well as the impressive duet and perfect vocal match with HELALYN FLOWERS’ bewitching vocalist n0emi Aurora on the emotional siren noir song “Blacklist”. 
But SIN.SIN is not only words and music, it’s a full look & feel approach rendered by Kristell L’s own visuals and design work, creating her own magic universe for her very own “heroine” (herself?)  through an eclectic mix of mystical iconic figures, vintage family pictures, darkish tapestry, red roses and some more “voyeur” moments… 
A tortuous and joyful journey in the fascinating imaginary ambience of SIN.SIN’s fantasy land.
“Ah, Ah, these pretty songs, I want them!  More and more…”!

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