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It is not every day that Xenomorph Productions’ studio owner and engineer signs an album to his own name! Over the 2 last decades, Sebastian R. Komor has been writing music in genres ranging from EDM/Industrial/Metal to Synth Pop/Trip-Hop and Orchestral gaining recognition on the electronic scene through various projects like ZOMBIE GIRL, ICON OF COIL, BRUDERSCHAFT, KOMOR KOMMANDO, MELT and many more.

Today with his new album, SEBASTIAN KOMOR plunges us into the midst of the Game Of Thrones battlefields and The Hobbit peaks for a fascinating sound adventure. With an album so evokingly and aptly titled as “Vikings, Thrones & Dragonbones”, the Norwegian artist decided to awake his deep and profound roots, his “Viking side”…

Having always had a true fascination of the huge, epic and demanding impact orchestral music can have, SEBASTIAN KOMOR turned the synths off and composed music. Strings, violas, cellos, timpani, working with and exploring some and all of the elements in an orchestra. Building tension and creating emotions, a musical landscape in all its grandeur. He then turned the synths and machines back on, adding the punch, the beats and the basslines Komor is so much renowned for.

Most of the songs featured on this album are based around a specific situation or scenario (think “Dragon’s Lair”, “Vikings On Parade”, “Fallen Warrior”…), offering to you a unique way to experience this soundtrack music, letting the music guide you into the most extravagant parts of your imagination. You’ll be able to imagine yourself walking into a cave up in the mountains suddenly staring straight into the eye of a Dragon, or preparing for battle, gathering the men, sharpening the weapons, marching through the landscape. Musically this album goes from very quiet and peaceful moments all the way up to fighting for your life tension while the rhythms march along with the swords and Komor’s unique characteristic grooves and bass lines come and reinforce the grandeur of this splendid soundtrack…Uplifting.

This album is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).


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