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Featuring ex-members of SUSPIRIA and IKON, RAZORFADE reveals a dark electronic sound approach whilst still incorporating atmospheric guitar and vocals reminiscent of the pair’s previous projects. Sombre, catchy and danceable anthems share similarities with bands like VNV NATION, CLAN OF XYMOX or yet ASSEMBLAGE 23. “This Clear Shining” is an album that encompasses different styles, ranging from danceable tracks such as “Chemical Distraction”, “Shout Down” and “Breathe” to slower, more introspective songs such as, “Fear is Rising”, “The Razor Fades” and “A Push Away From Falling”. But whatever the style of the song it is always underpinned by melody. Whether that melody is driven by the music or the by the vocals, there is a genuine melodic feel to the album.

Mark Tansley, who was pioneer of UK alternative music in the 1990’s and was at the forefront of integrating electronic sounds into the goth scene with his cult band SUSPIRIA, is not one to dwell on the past, and the music he has written for RAZORFADE is another giant leap forward! Add to this the pensive lyrics and deep vocal styling of Clifford Ennis and you quickly understand that this band should appeal to fans of dark alternative, goth and electronic music alike. RAZORFADE is actually reinterpreting alternative electronic music for those with a darker side by blending influences from the alternative 1980’s new wave and gothic rock movement with current electro sounds. 

On “This Clear Shining” RAZORFADE write about distorted truths, wasted lives, and unwinnable wars. They translate their huge emotional outpouring into sinister melodic tunes by successfully blending electronic music with dark alternative/goth, the outcome being music which sits perfectly in the middle

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