Psy’Aviah – Can We Make It Rhyme (feat. Mari Kattman) EP


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Taken from “Bittersweet”, PSY’AVIAH’s recent much acclaimed new studio album, “Can We Make It Rhyme” has been one of the fans and DJ favorites!

Featuring Mari Kattman (HELIX) on vocals, this song has that characteristic PSY’AVIAH blend of emotional synthpop and breakbeat rhythms intensity that you’ll quickly become addicted to and fall under the spell of this brilliant combination of intimate and soulful female vocals with carrying catchy synthesizer arrangements.

As an exclusive B-side, both artists chose to cover their SOFT CELL favorite song “Monoculture” whose lyrics and less-is-more pop feel perfectly fit this EP concept and the hope it carries towards a brighter and more colorful world where people with different thoughts can find a common place to talk to each other again… An intention that also nicely reflects in the official video clip shot together with Mari Kattman in person for the title-song “Can We Make It Rhyme” where the blaze of contrasting colors and emotions play like a kaleidoscope on the various story background angles the lyrics offer to us…

This 10-track EP features wisely selected remixes guaranteeing a certain diversity of sound with two trance dance-driven anthems by Omniks and Karl Roque, whilst the “retro club” edit of “Monoculture” and the Assemblage 23 remix of “Can We Make It Rhyme” will be more for the synthpop dancefloor, while the versions of 13th Angel and Jen Draven focus more on the song’s core intimacy.

Another very fruitful and successful collaboration between Mari Kattman and Belgian multi-talented artist Yves Schelpe confirming the motto “don’t change a winning team”.

“When Yves asked me to work on this song, the emotion and meaning behind the song was palpable. Feeding off of the emotional nature of the lyrics, I was able to weave a large harmony for the chorus and even found myself lost in the process. It’s always amazing when you can feel the intention of the writer and join with them on celebrating that. I am so honored to be able to have worked with Yves, yet again on, what I consider to be, a very successful piece of music.” – Mari Kattman.