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“Chain Letters” marks the long awaited return of the New-York based enigmatic Alfa Matrix act NEIKKA RPM. This 3rd album is a frightening journey into the abyss, mind twisting your soul in a storm of relentless Industrial N’ Beat power grooves and club-killers with whiplash sex appeal and attitude. NEIKKA RPM mixes up genres on hard-hitting EBM, techno, and break beat all with a dark sinister flair, contorting song structures and rewiring the thought-process when faced with Dominique, the sultry she-demon who casts her spells with angel’s wings.

“Chain Letters” is a concise collection of dark grooves and bangers all firing from the depths of the subconscious. It’s not just beats grooves, “Chain Letters” is complex with Dominique’s slinky vocals that seduce the soul while deep bass-lines and tricked-out acid track hooks that rip through the entire album. Male vocals penetrate the inner works as well, deep and diabolic, the inner-voice that torments. “Chain Letters” holds true to the unique sound of NEIKKA RPM, which can be compared to an explosive mix of FRONT 242 bass-vibes with technoid upbeat assaults, while Dominique’s bewitching voice lurks the shadows and infiltrates the body, soul and mind of all that dare to cross her path. You have entered her domain, a psychic-warzone, but it is a battle that you have already lost… you fall to your knees at her feet, you beg for mercy… and then you ask her for more. And she gives you… a killer upgraded version of her mega-hit “Here’s Your Revolution”. Simply uplifting!

This limited edition box includes the bonus disc “Deceive & Destroy” with alternative versions of 3 songs and the remix work by artists: DJ Blackout, Memmaker, Firemensch, EX.ES, Red Industrie, Syndika Zero and DCTB. If there is one thing NEIKKA RPM brings to the scene it is sex appeal and mystery that storms the front like a sonic cyclone.

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