Metroland – Cube EP


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“Cube” is already the 12th special momentum in METROLAND’s prolific career. This new 5-track EP marks another milestone in the Belgian band’s repertoire, making the junction between the “Triadic Ballet” era’s closure and the forthcoming “12×12” conceptual anniversary box. 

Throughout the last 5 years, METROLAND managed to build their own identity, release after release. And this new 5-track EP “Cube” reinforces this once more. And although METROLAND definitely have established their very own signature sound, they have also always continued challenging themselves, redefining their sonic palette to get it best fitting each new original concept and musical direction while steadily surprising their growing fanbase again and again. 

Well, “Cube” is probably the best example for this, being the most atypical and “out of the ordinary” song for a METROLAND single! It features unconventional rhythm patterns moving onto a complex and dynamic melodic set of exotic electronic sequences bathing in wobbly acid bass lines. And its B-side “Led Me Think” is even weirder and more experimental with its strange mixture of bizarre rhythms and retro technological bleeps. 

These songs also got the remix treatment by Belgian dance act CARAT ROUGE, Swedish (or should we say Düsseldorf?) act KRETZ and French techno basher MILLIMETRIC. 

“Cube” is different, out-of-the-ordinary and an unexpected twist for METROLAND, setting new boundaries and new ventures for many years to come…


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