Metroland – 1​.​0 EP


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METROLAND’s countdown towards their upcoming album, eagerly awaited by their fans for months reaches “0”! After both coloured 12inch vinyl versions of “4” came “3” (“Modularity”), and over “2” (“Davos”) they now continue the countdown with “1” holding the song entitled “4ir Intelligence”.

“4ir Intelligence” is their last single release and reveals what their concept of the new album “0” is all about, the new future era which came upon us only a few years ago. The idea to give this future era an appropriate soundtrack came after reading the fantastic book “the fourth industrial revolution” written by none less than Klaus Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum, held in ”Davos”.

“4ir Intelligence” is at the same time a reference to METROLANDs 80s pop past and it ejects into that futuristic fourth revolution. Winking to bands like OMD, YAZOO and BLANCMANGE when they magically produced the finest melodies and sequence layers, topped with the METROLAND vintage sound anno 2023, keeps placing these Belgian synth lovers in the heart of many fans of the Düsseldorf sound style.
Next to the title song, each METROLAND Passenger, from their own secluded habitat, reshaped “4ir Intelligence” into their very own personal view giving it wide and extra synthetic dimensions. Last but not least, METROLAND invited lifetime friend Franky Deblomme from CUBIC as external remixer unleashing his acidic Manchester sounds, all the way from Belgium, tweaking the atmosphere of the original version.

As always with METROLAND and their recurrent conceptual artistic approach, this EP comes out simultaneously in two different versions (“1.0” and “1.1”) each holding exclusive edits and remixes.

4, 3, 2, 1… Again, no reason to miss this link in the countdown chain, straight to the very end of “0”, straight into the future of the fourth industrial revolution.