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MENTALLO & THE FIXER’s silent isolation period is definitely over. After having delivered this year a massive special 4-disc box set collection of good old unreleased material from the band’s early period, Gary Dassing now announces his brand new studio album entitled “Music From The Eather”. Basically keeping the theme developed on the last conceptual “Enlightenment Through A Chemical Catalyst” album, dealing with higher or altered states of consciousness-experiences Gary Dassing has personally gone through. 

“Music From The Eather” is kind of the soundtrack to the scenario with all its urgency and uncontrolled chaos. Armed with his heavy multi-layered synthetic sounds, MENTALLO & THE FIXER morphs into a sonic alchemist in search for the profound introspective experience that will alter everything forever. Using his tortured soul like a tuning fork, the American artist translates the weird memories of that nervous everlasting night into a dense, complex and mind-boggling piece of art, some sort of extravagant electro/industrial sonic diary of a drug fiend. It is simply amazing how such an influential band with an impressive career and expanding discography still dares challenging himself album after album by totally reinventing his sound instead of rehashing the easy recipe of success. 

“I just wanted to create pieces of work that sonically pushed the envelope in other avenues that i had not done before. I wanted the music to speak for itself… I just wanted to work on music that would stimulate my ears. I wanted to do things that would trip me out!”, says Gary Dassing. 

Well, “Music From The Eather” is exactly that! An avant-garde schizophrenic masterpiece filled with ultra-complex synth arrangements layered on devastating upbeat sequencer rhythms and haunting samples. More than ever, MENTALLO & THE FIXER will make your head turn and offers you an ear-challenging paranoid soundscape rich in detailed production work that guarantees multiple sound discoveries still after over a dozen of listens. Restricted to trained ears and fans of the likes of SKINNY PUPPY, DOWNLOAD, Uwe Schmidt, etc. Let music be your medicine and bring you into oneness with everything. Be cautious using this substance!

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