Llumen – The Breaking Waves 2CD


Available on: May 24, 2024 at 12:00 am
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LLUMEN, crafted by Belgian artist Pieter Coussement, takes you on a sonic journey through multi-layered dark electronic music. Drawing inspiration from old-school EBM, gothic, techno, and future pop, LLUMEN’s latest album, “The Breaking Waves,” explores internal turbulence, health crises, introspection, and newfound serenity.

Influenced by iconic acts like FRONT 242, HAUJOBB, DIORAMA, ASSEMBLAGE 23, SUICIDE COMMANDO or yet COVENANT, Pieter pays homage to his roots while carving a distinct and innovative path. Following the debut album “The Memory Institute” and the 2021 release “Polygon Heart,” “The Breaking Waves” delivers a captivating and varied musical experience.

The album introduces pulsating narratives weaving tales of love, loss, lust, and longing. From the ominous tones of “Desire”, evolving into an uptempo future-pop exploration, to the EBM-infused melancholy of “Bring Me Flowers”, the album showcases LLUMEN’s ability to craft a diverse and emotionally rich sonic tapestry. With tracks like “Failing Me”, “Die Stille Totgeschwiegen” or yet “Just A Thought,” LLUMEN invites listeners into a world of complex emotions and intimate reflections. The album concludes with “Harbour” symbolizing life’s ebb and flow.

As an extra treat, the album comes with a varied assortment of remixes, edits, and reinterpretations, showcasing a diversity of interpretations that promise to be a treat for listeners and featuring collaborations with GRENDEL, AESTHETISCHE, AIBOFORCEN, NEUROACTIVE, IMPLANT, MIND.DIVIDED, DIMETHOXY, J Wølf, NACHT NACKT and THE SAINT PAUL.

In essence, “The Breaking Waves” is a profound exploration of human emotion and desire, leaving an indelible mark on the dark electronic music landscape.

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