Lederman / De Meyer – Atoms in fury EP


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LEDERMAN / DE MEYER is the challenging artistic fusion of two strong-minded icons from the cult Belgian electronic music scene and this second EP taken from their much acclaimed full length album “Eleven Grinding Songs” shows why and how the two protagonists succeeded in shaking up the deep sleeping small scene of industrial music: boldness and “no more heroes” philosophy have helped shape something new and exciting and provided an explosive album which could well be 2018’s top album…

On this “Atoms In Fury” EP, their work are being remixed, reshaped, refueled and relaunched to maximum effect by giants from the electro industrial music scene. Mark Hockings from MESH remixes here the EP title song and delivers a powerful danceable hymn. Followed then by ROTERSAND who takes on a bold text on the inanity of what’s sometimes asked for in a song and makes it a slightly uncomfortable but highly exciting electropop version of the song “Flowers And Birds And Bees”. Bold Belgian artist RADICAL G attacks the band’s unique cover of FAD GADGET’s “Back To Nature” and literally splashes your face on the wall when remixing it in such a powerful and dark style. And that’s not all! Krischan Wesenberg, from ROTERSAND goes another mile further, taking on another stellar text from the album (“Not Really There”) and remodeling it into a completely new song with a special dramatic edge.  Last but not least, we get the album version of this somber, poignant and splendid song which could not be more aptly titled than “Atoms In Fury”…

This “Atoms In Fury “EP shows the diversity and boldness of the LEDERMAN / DE MEYER duo and offers a great peek into the brilliance of the featured talented remixers. Play it loud!

Jean-Marc Lederman, was member of FAD GADGET, GENE LOVES JEZEBEL, KID MONTANA and THE WEATHERMEN (known across the world with their interstellar hit “Poison”). Author and performer / FRONT 242’s singer Jean-Luc De Meyer doesn’t need to be presented. His unique and so characteristic voice is unmatched and instantly gets recognized by any true self-respecting EBM-industrial-electronic music lover.


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