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Chicago’s female-fronted act I:SCINTILLA returns with their much anticipated new album “Dying & Falling”. This new CD marks the band’s fourth straight collaboration with the studio genius Wade Alin (The Atomica Project, Christ Analogue) and his slick production style. In addition to their metal-infused electronica signature, the quartet still finds room for synthpop, trip-hop, and indie electro explorations.

Frontwoman Brittany Bindrim’s distinct and seductive voice once leads the way through this beautiful album alternating infectious anger moments (from
the club stomper “Swimmers can drown” to the explosive rapid-fire industrial-metal angst of “Ammunition” or yet the club hit “Prey on you”) with more catchy and intimate songs (the addictive “Worth the wait”, the precious little trip-hop pearl “Dying & falling” or the grandiose orchestral piece “The shake”).

I:SCINTILLA have always found their force with their unique ability to seamlessly jump genres, from fast paced furious tracks to electro songs with a lighter synth-pop feel, all with ever present thread of charisma and alluring attitude. 

“Dying & Falling” is available here as a limited edition box set that features the “Resuscitation” bonus disc containing exclusive new tracks, alternate versions, and club remixes by acts like IRIS, THE DREAMSIDE, ESSENCE OF MIND, DJ RAM and FREAKANGEL.

The band offers a strong appeal to fans of EVANESCENCE, CURVE, early THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, NINE INCH NAILS, etc.

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