Implant – The Chaos Machines Part 1: No More Flies On The Windscreen CD


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Len Lemeire’s declaration, ‘No boundaries, no compromises, only chaos and machines!’ sets the tone for IMPLANT’s groundbreaking “Chaos Machines” trilogy, a sonic journey into the heart of 2024. Brace yourself for the inaugural chapter, “The Chaos Machines Part 1 – No More Flies On The Windscreen” hitting you with unapologetic force on CD, with vinyl and more conceptual companions following suit later this year.

This 12th studio album is a testament to 3 years of unbridled sonic exploration, an audacious clash against algorithms, and a rollercoaster of accidental genius from the dynamic duo of bearded divas Jan D’hooghe and Len Lemeire. Far from losing control, the Belgian pair opted to let chaos reign, transforming mellow ambient tracks into mesmerizing psy-trance industrial cuts with poignant vocals. Old school EBM and new wave roots morph seamlessly into addictive electro-pop featuring the lush vocals of NOEMI AURORA. Dark moments evoke echoes of early SKINNY PUPPY, KLINIK’s icy elektro, and the subtle flavors of NIN.

Immerse yourself in the pulsating beat, ready to rock, groove, and reflect with IMPLANT’s electrifying fusion of sound and substance. This hypnotic album, filled with noise, melody, bass, beat, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, unfolds like a collection of intricate sonic tales, revealing hidden parts and offering new clues with each addictive play.

Remember, with IMPLANT, “it’s always more fun to pick up the pieces”.
Nothing but… IMPLANT!”

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