Helalyn Flowers – Tetrachromatic EP


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This wonderful song is one of the most favourite songs from the last “Nyctophilia” album, and when playing it, it instantly becomes quite obvious why nobody could resist to its addictive fast-sequenced electro dance grooves and its highly catchy sensual female pop vox clashing onto powerful electric guitar riffs.

On this new “Tetrachromatic” EP, the HELALYN FLOWERS duo push the limits of the chromatic game to the next level by assigning the ambitious task to each involved remixer to not only reinterpret this song through their very own sonic kaleidoscope, but also by incorporating an emotional colour filter to their version. This spieling creative approach opens extra-channels for each collaboration for our ultimate ear pleasure.

This new release pulses like a colourful journey through different spiritual universes each represented by a colour. METROLAND and AESTHETISCHE took the blue filter, incorporating a melancholic and mysterious touch to their upbeat icy synth dance. AIBOFORCEN and MENTAL EXILE went green incorporating the two faces of nature into their work making their remix sound firm and steady but also raging and unsafe! While JUNKSISTA and SYNAPSYCHE took the red pill and toyed with passion and aggressiveness, blowing an intense and threatening and even sometimes sexual feel to the song. After which HELALYN FLOWERS themselves generated other alternate versions of “Tetrachromatic” including a yellow mix offering a light and almost dreamy flavor to this song…

A delightful conceptual EP injecting 80’s new wave colours into HELALYN FLOWERS’ surrealistic nocturnal world.

The Bandcamp version includes an exclusive extended 18-page booklet design with conceptual band photos & design by Toxic Visions.


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