Glis – Sunrise Forever EP


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It’s been 20 years since the American synthpop/EBM band GLIS debuted on Alfa-Matrix with the ‘Balance’ album – being one of the 10 first bands signing to the Belgian label. Time flies!

The opening track ‘Sunrise’ was an instant favorite amongst fans of the genre, and sustained as a club hit in several other iterations, pushing GLIS on the top of the future pop scene next to bands in the likes of COVENANT, ICON OF COIL, VNV NATION or yet APOPTYGMA BERZERK…

The last we heard of GLIS’ frontman Shaun Frandsen was in 2013 when he released a cathartic mix of post-punk and alternative genres on the ‘Phoenix’ album and the ‘Seconds’ EP.

Now we pay homage to the beginnings with this brand new enhanced v3.0 mix of the ‘Sunrise’ track, as well as a showcase of the evolutionary history of the track throughout the years, also including instrumental versions.

Only Shaun Frandsen himself can tell us what’s next, now that the GLIS machines got reactivated?!
Future pop forever… Sunrise forever…