Elektrostaub – Mantis (feat. Stefan Netschio) EP


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While he’s actively working on ELEKTROSTAUB’s new studio album with some more stunning collaborations, German artist Patrick Knoch is today closing the “Reliance” chapter with the last and 3rd single taken from this successful and chart-hitting album.

“Mantis” is featuring nobody else but Stefan Netschio, lead vocalist of the legendary synthpop heroes BEBORN BETON. A powerful mid-tempo ballad-song merging emotional darkness and addictive catchiness offering the perfect sonic field to Stefan’s poignant and captivating voice to shine in absolute brilliance and charisma.

Besides a great variety of remixes of the title song offered by PEOPLE THEATRE, AUGER, NEUROACTIVE, PSY’AVIAH, DIGITAL FACTOR and RESTRICTION 9, ELEKTROSTAUB’s usual partners in crime !DISTAIN also contribute to this 9-track EP with new remixes of “2806” and the so touching and intense “The Day She Died” both reinforcing the noir melancholic side of this release.

This “Mantis” EP will hopefully help you “handling the truth”…

This is ELEKTROSTAUB at best: top-notch future pop music for your body and soul.