Darkness On Demand – White Clouds EP


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Strong from the resonating feedback received for the release of their new studio album “Digital Outcast”, the German boys of DARKNESS ON DEMAND strike back with a new 5-track EP.

One of the most appreciated songs by their fans: “White Clouds” is this time reworked in a more upbeat club oriented “maxi version”. A truly addictive dark elektro pearl with a poignant depressive and melancholic tone evoking the band members’ best moments under the past DANCE OR DIE moniker and for which another great video clip was produced! The other floorpacking album track “Last Attack” gets remixed by ANY SECOND who gave a more dark elektro oriented touch to this alien song.

But what makes this new EP even more special is that next to these 2 exclusive new versions/mixes, DARKNESS ON DEMAND offer us 3 brand new exclusive songs with the revolting and anti-war track “Volle Kraft Vorraus”, the hypnotising “Say Hello” calling for rebellion against the system, and the atmospheric and self-reflective “Snow White” that is questioning social medias through the looking glass…

The Berlin boys Wagner and Falgalas continue excelling in merging moody melodic electronics with upbeat industrial EBM and expressive vocals conducting engaged messages in a dystopian world not that far from our current reality.