Darkness On Demand – Final Way EP


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Belgium’s Alfa Matrix is well known to welcome cult musicians from the good old late 80’s dark electronic scene to their label roster: Berlin based artists Wagner and Falgalas join Alfa Matrix for the 3rd album of their latest project DARKNESS ON DEMAND.

Back in the days, the German guys inaugurated the repertoire of now cult label Machinery Records under the DANCE OR DIE flagship (they were members of) and were often described as the first band making the bridge between EBM industrial and cold wave gothic music, between FRONT 242 and SISTERS OF MERCY…

Since 2017, they continue intelligently merging moody melodic electronics, dark poignant expressive vocals and upbeat frontal EBM industrial assaults under the DARKNESS ON DEMAND moniker (with the same DOD acronym) with a strong and engaged lyrical focus bridging science fiction themes with major issues of our current society.

After the release of the video clip for the slow, catchy and dramatic ballad “Hang On” in collaboration with their neo-folk martial side-project WINTERHART, DARKNESS ON DEMAND now strike back at full force with the powerful 6-track EP “Final Way”’ before the release of their new “Digital Outcast” album announced for a September 2023 release.

Between classic dark electro and modern EBM, DARKNESS ON DEMAND compose highly melodic club electro tracks with addictive sinister soulful melodies, hammering beats, incisive synth sequences and Wagner’s unique poignant charismatic vocals.