Daniel B. Prothèse – Überlastung (12” Vinyl + 7” Vinyl + 2CD)


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In 2016, Belgian electronic music pioneers FRONT 242 celebrate the band’s 35th anniversary year of existence. Besides some highly praised 242 collector items released over the last few months, we had also promised some more very special “anniversary” surprises… Well, here we are!

We proudly present you today the very first full-length release by Daniel B.’s solo-project which was actually initiated even before FRONT 242 was born: DANIEL.B. PROTHESE.

“Überlastung” is released as a deluxe box-set subtitled “AIIHB0A0” and strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide. Included are  2 vinyls (the “Spannung” clear orange colour 12” LP and the “Unterbrechung” clear green colour 7” vinyl) both featuring exclusive material, plus a  digi-sleeve double-CD. Music collectors will also notice that our dear friends of Wool-E are also issuing simultaneously a tape MfMTV3 “2006-2010 ” of DANIEL B. PROTHESE limited to only 111 copies.
The music on the CD’s and the vinyls are very complementary and quite different, aptly chosen to best match with the specific playback conditions offered by each medium…

For this release-project, DANIEL.B. PROTHESE stands for minimal noise and randomly or lfo’s generated rhythmic electronic sound manipulations. Also note that each new release-project by PROTHESE is approached in a totally different fashion, so we can simply expect the unexpected without any particular focus on one specific sound style in the future…

“The project started as noise for personal pleasure”, Daniel B. says. This release is a collection of tracks shaped and mixed between approximately 1995 and 2010. “The recording process was one of voluntary limits, no use of midi, only analogue (some really old) sound generating equipment and sequencer, no more than 8 recorded tracks… and a few digitally mistreated drum sounds were also used, that’s all!” Daniel B. explains.

Vintage sound machines lovers will recognise noise bleeps generated by the following studio equipment all making a part of Daniel B.’s personal collection: formant modular, system 101-102, system 100M, roland se 505, boss rvb 100, moog voyager anniversary #614, electro harmonix sequencer drum, yamaha 40m  #Z699, mfb synth II, Sherman filter model 1 # 909, arp odyssey…

“Spannung” 12” vinyl LP (clear orange) 


  1. Sp4nnung 95
  2. Sp4nnung 2


  1. Sp4nnung 1
  2. Sp4nnung 3

“Unterbrechung” –  7” vinyl (clear green)


  1. Sp4nnungb0g3n


  1. Sp4nnung 6

“AIIHB0A0” – Carton Sleeve Double-CD


  1. Ub3rl4stung<242 v0lts>
  2. Sp4nnung 95 unk0ntr01113rt
  3. Sp4nnunSSym3tr13


  1. Spannung 777
  2. Spannung VCM
  3. Spannung 8
  4. Spannung 9
  5. Spannung<str3ss>
  6. Spannung 10 313ktrost4tik
  7. Spanung4bfa4ll

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