Circumpolar – We Will Remain EP


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Originating from the freezing misty side of Sweden, CIRCUMPOLAR is the new elektro-wave sensation discovered by Brussels-based label Alfa Matrix that is bound to draw some attention on the dark elektro scene!

Avoiding all cliché traps where too many young bands fall nowadays and end up sounding too predictable by incorporating techno and other dance pop elements into their work, CIRCUMPOLAR stands strong on their sound identity roots, and opted for a solid focus on the 80’s golden age of electro goth wave music by deploying their sonic arsenal in dense haunting soundscapes where atmospheres and emotions prevail to club or radio compatibility; offering us this way a couple of songs clocking in at 7 minutes plus…

CIRCUMPOLAR manage to create enigmatic allusions of echoes from the past, the present and the future, and impose their very own style. This “We Will Remain” 5-track EP leads us on a poignant sonic journey that could have been the result of an illuminated jamming session of FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM singing on intricate early-SKINNY PUPPY tortured industrial arrangements filtered through FRONT 242’s powerful EBM assaults. Dreamlike and dark suggestive soundscapes created through analogue and digital machines, combined with sampled sounds and a deep and highly expressive baritone voice.

On this release, the duo explores ancient conceptions and metaphors of disintegration and regeneration, dreams and desires, hopes and fear, space and time…

“In a distant sky, the fire will burn…” CIRCUMPOLAR will remain… until the end of time.

[Cover artwork: Original painting on We Will Remain by Sara Westman]


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