Circuito Cerrado – 8 Bit Bitch EP


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Before the release of their new “Arrhythmia” double-CD album on June 17th 2016, Mexican industrial-rave power-noise killer act CIRCUITO CERRADO today launches a blitzkrieg sonic attack with the 6-track “8 Bit Bitch” EP that will take all electro dancefloors by surprise.
Markko B. (also known as the mastermind and frontman of the cult dark elektro act C-LEKKTOR) knows no compromise with his CIRCUITO CERRADO project whose mission seems to be fxxcking you up to the max until you tilt in game over mode. Imagine cyber goths dancing their head off to distorted beats and mind-boggling repeated vocal samples. The dancefloor assault is relentless and aims at body dislocation and mental disturbance. CIRCUITO CERRADO creates a sense of emergency that throw you onto the dancefloor until you reach your ultimate exhaustion. It’s hard, powerful and damned efficient modern power noise / dark elektro dance that will blow your mind!
Also enjoy the exclusive remix work by CENTHRON, VIRUS GATE and VALIUM ERA!
If you like modern cyber noize muzik in the likes of SAM, NOISUF-X, STRAFTANZ, ALIEN VAMPIRES or yet FABRIKC, just let CIRCUITO CERRADO blow up your sound system… play it loud: your neighbors will love it!


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