Ayria – Plastic And Broken EP (MP3/FLAC)


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We are very excited to share with you today a glimpse into AYRIA’s much anticipated new album with this upcoming digital EP “Plastic And Broken” that includes two original tracks, as well as five remixes. “Plastic Makes Perfect” combines a driving bass synth line inspired by older styled EBM, which has also now become part of the AYRIA arsenal of styles, but this time, the bassline is blended thickly with layers of intense and chaotic synths and chanting vocals.

A detonating blend of conflicted influences of both grunge and electro. “Missed The Mark” on the other hand reveals the most pop-oriented side of AYRIA with multi-layerd vocal pre-chorus, a catchy as hell chorus section, and powerful synth leads and instrumentals…The best sad dark pop song ever written by Jennifer Parkin!

The remixers featured on Jenn’s new EP release do not only come from some of the big bands in the electro and industrial scene, but are above all, all very meaningful to her personally, being friends or artists she’s been touring or working with in the past.

PROJECT PITCHFORK add their unique signature sound to “Missed The Mark”, a band AYRIA has already toured with. Sebastian R. Komor who again produced the new AYRIA album transforms “Plastic Makes Perfect” into an impressive massive club assault.

Daniel B. (of PROTHESE, FRONT 242, etc.) returns with a new remix for AYRIA with this moody, textured and minimalistic rework of “Plastic Makes Perfect”, a subtle version with an addictive driving urgency behind it that helps diversify the styles on the EP.

UK new talents DIMENSION FLUX will blow you away with their DJ-friendly mix of “Hunger” combining big draggy synth lines and big club beats.

Last but not least, label mates JUNKSISTA created a wonderful electro version of “Missed The Mark” that captures a very cool retro 80’s electro vibe while creatively layering the vocals to achieve a new mood in the song, while finishing up the mix with full out guitar leads for a perfect end to the EP we just want to play again and again…

AYRIA is back – let’s celebrate!

This EP is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).


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