Armageddon Dildos – Heut Nacht EP


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Cult German Electronic Body Music act ARMAGEDDON DILDOS reveals a new song before the release of the much anticipated new album “Dystopia”. On “Heut Nacht”, veteran artist Uwe Kanka and his gang reiterate their unique recipe of success that became the ARMAGEDDON DILDOS’ sonic trademark: full-frontal ripping basslines, minimal melodic electro sequences and powerful German vocals with a catchy chorus that you’ll sing along to in no time!

Inspired by an autumnal night stroll in a gloomy foggy forest evoking darkish childhood fairy tales souvenirs, this cinematic dark EBM song got reinterpreted by various artists coming from quite different musical horizons to maximize diversity and sound exoticism! Dave Anderson comes first and plunges “Heut Nacht” into a delightful and addictive hypnotic electro trance flavor.

MESSIAEN NOIR follow with an electro wave rework while label mates AD:KEY injects straight on Electronic Body Music energy to the song. German MELTING RUST OPERA take a more experimental and chaotic remixing approach and aptly rename the song, “Noise Nacht”. Hungarian industrial veteran FIRST AID 4 SOULS on their side reinforce the industrial club force of the song and give it some kind of LAIBACH-ish mechanical feel. Last but not least, FLESH WIRE close the release with a noir ambient industrial echoing deconstruction of the song!

Come come… ARMAGEDDON!!


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