Aengeldust – Meth face EP


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AENGELDUST has another kicking surprise for you “Motherfuckers”…! If Nadine “Cooraz” Engel (ACYLUM, TOTEM OBSCURA…) left you knocked out with her “Freakshow” debut album, you will surely enjoy this new punch-in your face EP! Titled “Meth Face”, this brand new club track is another uncompromising assault fuelled by loud brutal industrial noise fused with addictive vocal samples and vibrating bass sequences.

This new dancefloor killer machine gets reinvented in some 7 different versions by electro noise activists like ADVENT RESILIENCE, ANTIBODY, DETUNED DESTRUCTION, INAKI KREATOR NOIZE, MOON GATES PROJECT and VV303 each adding their very own imprint and flavour to the track. Cherry on the cake, we also get here a bombastic and hammering orchestral version of the album song “Zombie” by the ACYLUM master… The AENGELDUST bitch is here to blow up your industrial standards at full blast…

This EP is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).


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