Various Artists – Gothic File 22|1 – An Alfa Matrix Compilation CD


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To celebrate 20 years of Alfa Matrix and over 30 years of collaboration in mutual respect and care between Seba Dolimont and Martin Sprissler, we have the honor to insert an exclusive 19-track label CD compilation in the April 2022 issue of the unique Gothic magazine. To make this event even more special, this Gothic . File 22/1 CD is also accompanied by an exclusive download link of 30 more tracks from the Alfa Matrix label roster.

The CD compilation and its 30-track download companion does not only feature very fresh music released by Alfa Matrix, they also hold exclusive and previously unreleased material by REICHSFEIND, MONDTRÄUME (new band line-up!), AIBOFORCEN, METROLAND, SYNAPSYCHE, ACYLUM, AVARICE IN AUDIO, FIRST AID 4 SOULS, COSMIC ARMCHAIR, SUICIDAL ROMANCE, NEIKKA RPM, etc. and reveals 2 exciting new additions to the Alfa Matrix family being the much promising female fronted powerful industrial metal act THE TRUE UNION and the enigmatic HELLE9 that is nothing but the new dark trap industrial project of our beloved ALIEN VAMPIRES demons.

Cherry on the cake, the bonus download release available via Bandcamp also includes additional exclusive interviews (in PDF format) conducted by Gothic magazine with numerous other bands than those featured inside the print magazine…


  1. Aesthetische Feat. Lis Van Den Akker – Back To Life (Radio Version)
  2. Reichsfeind – This (Exclusive Mix)
  3. Mondträume – Something
  4. Aiboforcen – Cycle Of Life (Short Edit)
  5. Cubic – Q (Bong 13 Mix)
  6. Metroland – 4.1
  7. Implant – The King And The Rebel (Distributed Denial Of Service Rmx)
  8. Adkey – Alles Was Ich Will (Single Mix)
  9. Synapsyche – Silvertongue (Graveless Version)
  10. Imjudas – People Of The Blame
  11. The True Union – Purousthai
  12. Helle9 – Omen
  13. Avarice In Audio – Do Unto Others
  14. Siva Six – Fight The Machine
  15. Acylum – Tears Of Blood (Short Cut)
  16. First Aid 4 Souls – I Am The Night
  17. Circumpolar – Waiting In The Rain
  18. Digital Factor – What
  19. Psyaviah Feat. Mari Kattman – Can We Make It Rhyme (Radio Edit)


  1. Lights A.M – Run Away
  2. Cosmic Armchair – Bleed
  3. Suicidal Romance – Love Promise (Elektrostaub Remix)
  4. Entrzelle – Let Me Be A Memory
  5. Elektrostaub – Save Me (Feat. René Anke)
  6. The Psychic Force – Lockdown Lovers
  7. Kant Kino – Horror Tv
  8. Alien Vampires – World In Denial
  9. Venal Flesh – Adytum I
  10. Diffuzion – Ain’t Gonna Fuck With My Brain
  11. Komor Kommando – Music Is My Religion
  12. Matthew Creed – Walking In Circles (Video Edit)
  13. Neikka Rpm – Some Kind Of Hell
  14. Studio-X – New Blood
  15. Circuito Cerrado – Zeit
  16. Aengeldust- Fremdling
  17. Dunkelwerk – Waffengang
  18. Pouppee Fabrikk – Burn Forever
  19. Elm – Smother Box (Mother Of Aggression Mix)
  20. Die Robo Sapiens – Fan Fan Fanatisch (Kant Kino Rip Gd Mix)
  21. Plastic Noise Experience – End Of The Road
  22. Armageddon Dildos – Destruction (Darkroom Mix)
  23. Freakangel – The Last White Dance (X Anniversary Edit)
  24. Lovelorn Dolls – Happy Endings (Elyose Heavy Mix)
  25. Helalyn Flowers – Skyland
  26. Neuroactive – In Rust We Trust (Single Mix)
  27. Llumen -The Path That Leads Me Home
  28. 808 Dot Pop – Looking For The Sun
  29. Rector Scanner – Epsilon Tucanae (Single Mix)
  30. Technoir – Da Hast Du Deinen Traum (Minimal Radical Mix)

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