Psy’Aviah – My Secrets EP (feat. Marieke Lightband)


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The time has come for Belgian act PSY’AVIAH to share some more secrets with you… With this new 8-track EP, Yves Schelpe puts his live vocalist (and partner in crime for the last few albums) Marieke Lightband in the spotlight with “My Secret” a quite introspective song she co-wrote with him and in which she writes about the perception duality she herself experienced when she suffered from a burnout where the girl she pretended to be in front of others had nothing to do with the “real her” in the bathroom mirror…

“We all have our secrets and there is always a point in time we need and want to share them.”, she says.

Taken from the “Bittersweet” album, “My Secrets” is a dub breakbeat electro track on which Marieke’s soulful vocals take the lead to set-up a tortured vulnerable mood, sort of mixed attitude somewhere between anger and pain. Her highly expressive words grab you by the throat and won’t leave you unaffected. Something that also breathes from the touching video clip shot for the occasion.

Besides the exclusive “radio edit” of the song, the EP features additional exclusive bonus remixes by Rob Dust, ENTRZELLE, JUNKSISTA, DIGITAL FACTOR and ROOL who each add diversity to this release by reinterpreting “My Secrets” through their own emotional and creative filter.