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Step into the captivating world of METROLAND as they unveil their latest sonic masterpiece, “Forum”. This Belgian electro-pop duo, comprising Passenger A and Passenger S, has seamlessly connected their acclaimed “0” album with the highly anticipated “Forum”, using the riveting EP “Industry” as a conceptual bridge.

In this sonic adventure, METROLAND invites you on a journey exploring the crossroads of innovation and nostalgia. “Industry” serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the duo’s conceptual boundaries, setting the stage for the grand narrative of “Forum”.

“Forum” originated from unfinished business in METROLAND’s electronic music brewery. Initially conceived as a possible final single for “0” in 2023, it evolved into a brand new concept and a complete album, playfully nodding to its predecessor. Inspired by the World Economic Forum in Davos, “Forum” delves into fresh sounds and experimental song structures. The album showcases METROLAND’s melodic side with tracks like “Happy nothing”, “The great reset” and “Infotainment,” while electro-infused pieces like “Activity as a timetrigger”, “Baukultur”, and “Quantum” continue the trajectory initiated by “Industry.”

A hymn to the industrial revolution of the 21st century, “Industry” presents versions 5.0 and 6.0 in the download, while the physical CD album seamlessly weaves all six industrial revolutions into an epic 10-minute experience (exclusive for the CD edition).

Immerse yourself in the vintage electronic prowess of METROLAND, and let the sonic odyssey of “Forum” unfold, revealing a world of musical possibilities, for another electrifying conceptual journey recommended to all fans of the Düsseldorf synth style…

  1. Cooperation in a fragmented world
  2. The great reset
  3. Activity as a timetrigger
  4. Happy nothing
  5. Baukultur (the davos declaration)
  6. Infotainment
  7. Quantum
  8. World economic forum
  9. Industry 1.0 *
  10. Industry 2.0 *
  11. Industry 3.0 *
  12. Industry 4.0 *
  13. Industry 5.0 *
  14. Industry 6.0 *

* exclusive tracks for the CD version – NOT available on digital platforms

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