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Mid 2022 Belgium’s cult duo METROLAND started their countdown with 2 different color 12inch vinyl versions of the critically acclaimed “4’, a 1st EP in a countdown (3, 2, 1…) series towards this new conceptual album, aptly called after the digit “0”. Since the new concept that METROLAND set out for is extremely global, the title “0” should not simply be pronounced as “zero”, but specifically in one of the thousands of languages on planet earth, depending on the readers’ own mother tongue!

With this new eclectic recording Passenger A and Passenger S are anticipating the future, bestowing this flawless soundtrack for their next concept ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, a term first coined by ‘Klaus Schwab’ on a World Economic Forum during mid last decade.

With well-fortified titles like “4ir Intelligence”, “Bitcoins And Blockchains” or “Machine 2 Machine” METROLAND clearly put focus on the artificial, yet scientific side of the concept, whereas “7 principles”, “Klaus Schwab” and “Davos” emphasize the worldly character of Schwab’s brainchild.

Never before did METROLAND go this profound with titles such as “Smart Factory”, “Big data”, “Mimo” and the former single “Modularity”. Never before did the METROLAND machinery interact with humans, objects and theories in such an intellect manner, continuously guiding the audience through their trademark analogue electronic landscape made of vintage synth bleeps, pulsing basslines, bashing beats and lush Düsseldorf sound style.

Even though both the vinyl version and CD album each hold 12 tracks in total, METROLAND made a deliberate distinction, subtle alternative artwork and a different track listing, showing persistently that METROLAND is not your average computer pop band.

Industry 4.0 is here and now, what will it mean to be human?


  1. Industrie 4.0 (5’26)
  2. Davos (6’07)
  3. Bitcoins And Blockchains (4’31)*
  4. Big Data (4’29)*
  5. 4ir Intelligence (6’33)
  6. Out/In (1’55)*
  7. Machine 2 Machine (5’45)*
  8. Modularity (5’53)*
  9. Smart factory (7’25)
  10. Klaus Schwab (5’18)
  11. The 2nd Machine Age (5’59)
  12. 7 Principles (7’00)*

    * exclusive song or version on the digipak CD edition

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