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Originally self-released via their DIY “Tiny Box” label in a very limited quantity, HANGING FREUD are now also re-releasing their previous and 6th studio album “Persona Normal” via their new label partner Spleen+ (division of the Belgian Alfa Matrix label group) in a nice digipak edition, as well as vinyl in two different colours (solid gold or solid silver) each strictly limited to 150 units worldwide.

“Persona Normal” is an album that surprised many by its more direct, rough and aggressive sound while the band’s previous work sounded a bit more ethereal, ambient pop or even romantic. And that’s exactly what makes this Glasgow based darkwave/post-punk duo sound so unique and different. They each time dare reinventing their sound, experimenting here more with vocals, giving them a more detached and plaintive tone nicely fitting the more abrasive sound design of this album and its depressive resonating noisy synths, minimal drum machines and haunting female vocals. Sometimes giving the impression of hearing COCTEAU TWINS playing THE CURE’s “Pornography” album during a claustrophobic lock-down session, so much it is thick and heavy, but also fragile and elegant. Simply uplifting!

“Persona Normal” is an album that channels difficult emotions and explores them in real depth. “It is a record about transformation and growth, accepting losses and coming to terms with the loss of innocence… It deals with detachment, dissociation, what it means to be human, political issues and about strong, irrational cults”, explain Paula Borges and Jonathan Skinner.

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