First Aid Tech – First Aid Tech EP


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Although renowned Hungarian electronic artist István Gazdag has been performing and DJing under the FIRST AID TECH moniker for years, it’s only now that the first official release of this project comes out!

This self-titled EP reveals 4 tracks and 4 killer bonus remixes.

FIRST AID TECH sees the artist’s industrial/EBM roots mutating and merging with acid / rave influences for a hypnotising hard banging techno body soundstyle. It’s addictive grooves for techno clubs with a dark and deeper essence.

Imagine bands like JUNO REACTOR, UNDERWORLD or yet ORBITAL having a jam session with the newer generation of techno body music warriors like NOISUF-X, KOMOR KOMMANDO or SOMAN. Well, FIRST AID TECH is all this with an additional acid tech body music touch to top it all!

Close your eyes and join the rhythm of the FIRST AID TECH machines.
Play at maximum volume – your neighbours will hate you.