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Today those who thought that 808 DOT POP was just a flash in the pan will have to reconsider!

METROLAND’s Passenger S his first solo album, “The Colour Temperature” (and its companion remix album, “The Cubic Temperature”), set ground for more appetizing electronics served the Belgian way. Passenger S oiled his machines to bestow new airwave shows full of vintage electro music. The definitive sequencing, intertwined with a fine veneer of analogue melodies, remains a delicacy to admirers of the Düsseldorfer sound.

808 DOT POP presents three new enjoyable pop radio shows, broadcasted on three different radio bands. The listeners can tune in to two shows on both the “AM 1350” and “FM 88.2” frequency (available on compact disc digital carriers) and a third show on the “MW 720” frequency (available as a download). The two CD albums are not only complementary conceptual releases but are also produced and mixed like a broadcasting where all songs float into each others to guarantee the ultimate radiophonic experience…

The idea for a pop radio show initially started when Passenger S asked (and also received) permission from OMD’s Andy McCluskey in person to cover their track ‘Radio Waves’. However, since the original was so darn good, the decision was soon taken to drop the cover idea. Still the interest to take a deeper dive into the matter of radio waves remained. A further push by Gary Hunter (KRAFTMAN), who pleasantly co-wrote on several songs, did finally lead to the birth of a new concept around the 1920’s crystal radio and the inventions of Guglielmo Marconi, who paved way for many things in our modern era.

Titles like ‘Radio Waves’, ‘Syntonic Telegraphy’, ‘Marconi’, with the refined vocal of none other than top notch female singer Lis van den Akker, or ‘Morse Code’ are a direct ode to Marconi, whereas ‘Galena’, ‘Cat’s Whiskers’, ‘The Detector’ and of course ‘Crystal Radio’ have their roots in the specific type of radio that reigned the roaring 20’s, proved a blessing during WWII and up to this day is still existing amongst radio amateurs. Not only Marconi gets a place of honour in these 808 DOT POP broadcastings, but also “Heinrich Hertz” and the Belgian radio voice of “Jan Moedwil” have their spotlight in this new conceptual piece of art.

These presented pop radio shows are again packed with detailed aesthetics, meticulously put together, not a detail left unseen or unheard that will shackle many to these pop radio shows.

Tune in now to enjoy two fabulous trips down on memory lane, one being the art of crystal radio and the second one being music delivered in top notch vintage style.

Welcome to 808 pop radio…


  1. Pop Radio Fm
  2. RCA Ar-812
  3. A Cycle Per Second
  4. Heinrich Hertz
  5. Österreich 3
  6. Distant Voices (On The Radio)
  7. Cat’s Whisker
  8. Galena
  9. Modulation

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