808 Dot Pop – FM 101.4 EP


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After the much applauded solo album, “The Colour Temperature” (and its companion remix album, “The Cubic Temperature”), METROLAND’s Passenger S switched on the radio again to deliver two airwave shows full of vintage electronics, a next must-have on the electronic menu of any lovers of melodic synth lines, analogue drum machines and soothing sounds intertwined with Dusseldorf spices, but served here by a Belgian sequence cook.

“FM101.4” and “AM 685” both offer a first sonic insight to the two upcoming 808 DOT POP conceptual albums “FM 88.2 and “AM 1350” with the main song “Marconi” being a sweet pop melody in conjunction with the mesmerizing and enchanting vocals of none other than Lis van den Akker, with whom Passenger S already happily worked with on his “SunCatcher” release project.

The combination of a compelling voice and synthetic sounds results in an ear catching tune about the “master of waves”, Guglielmo Marconi, who paved way for an enormous amount of applications in the modern era.

808 DOT POP’s “Marconi” will be released in two different download sets, a 3-track EP entitled “FM 101.4”, holding the single version of ‘Marconi’ (aptly entitled ‘on the radio’) backed with the song ‘The Detector’, which also features the soothing voice of Lis Van Den Akker and a 4-track maxi EP entitled ‘AM 685’, holding two extended versions, a remix with a clear wink to Passenger S and his love for an 80s band and his favourite 12inch (one of their 1983 songs was the very start of the entire concept), and an exclusive 3rd song entitled ‘Voices’, all referencing to the album’s concept.